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The tool operates in export and import model. To that end it provides two operations as described following.


The export operation will export all the personal views in the site specified by the URL into the xml file.

SPPersonalViewMigrate.exe -o export -url <site colletion or site url> -file <export file>

If site collection’s URL is specified then personal views of the whole site collection will be exported, otherwise single site’s personal views will be exported.

SPPersonalViewMigrate.exe -o export –url “http://sharepoint/sites/mysite” -file “c:\export\mysite.xml”
SPPersonalViewMigrate.exe -o export –url “http://sharepoint/sites/mysite/subsite” -file “c:\export\subsite.xml”


While the import operation allows personal views to be imported from one site to another site it also enables a single view of a certain user to be imported to the target list/library.

SPPersonalViewMigrate.exe -o import
-file <absolute path to the export file>
-source <site relative url>
-target <absolute url>
[-view <view name>]
[-login <login name>]
[-excludeLogin <login names to exlcude separated by comma>]

Source: The site relative URL of the site from which personal views is imported
Target: The absolute URL of the site to which personal views is imported.
View: Specify a single view to be imported
Login: Specify the Login name whose view to be imported
ExcludeLogin: List of user to be excluded from the import, separated by comma
SchemaPlainText: Indicate whether the xml schema of the view is plain text which is true to views in SharePoint 2007 or previous.

SPPersonalViewMigrate.exe -o import -file “c:\export\mysite.xml” -source “sites/mysite/subsite” -target “http://sharepoint:2010/sites/mysite/subsite” -schemaPlainText

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